Sunday, August 8, 2010

Assessment 3

Wed 4th Aug was my 3rd assessment and its been 2 weeks since the previous assessment.
I wasn't too sure how I would go - my diet for the most part has been really good - I'm definately getting the hang of the animal protein for brekky and I've increased the amount of protein at lunch and I think I managed to eat broccoli, cauliflower, or brussells sprouts nearly every day.
I've found that if I plan my whole weeks meals on Sunday and cook 2 curries and a spag bol then that pretty much sees me through the week. Its all about being organised mainly.
However there have been some hiccoughs - last Thursday I was at the Weary Dunlop lunch which turned into an all day/nighter on the beer followed by hang over cure food on Friday. Saturday was another big beer session at the Turf bar watching the Bledisloe and I was out again last night with the very cool guy I met at the Weary lunch, so all that combined with 4 days off training probably undid all of the previous good work!
so what were the results?
well I did lose 0.3kg, down to 57.7kg and body fat down a tiny 0.1% - lost a bit on my tummy (1.4mm) and calves, didn't lose anything on my thighs and bizarrely I put weight ON, on my knees!
Apparently that is to do with poor sleep - and that doesn't really surprise me as I seem to have lost that ability recently - 4.5 - 5 hours is turning into a good nights sleep at the moment, which is making getting up in the morning to do training a real struggle.
Hopefully the new magnesium supplements will fix this.

So new stuff to implement, instead of yoghurt for 2nd brekky I need to either have more animal protein or maybe a boiled egg, then the yoghurt I can have with my afternoon cup of tea to stop my body going into survival mode - at the moment I'm finding that after lunch at about 1:30 I'm just not hungry so I tend not to eat anything else until 6:30 - 7 which is quite a long time given how much exercise I'm doing. So just to keep things ticking over, I can have my yoghurt and berries at about 3pm.
Sweet potato, need to add this in to stop getting sugar cravings - not sure where thats coming from as I don't have a sweet tooth at all.
Lastly I need to make sure I'm eating a minimum of 4 cups of veggies a day - I probably am, by the time I have green + raw veg mixed salad at lunch and steamed veggies for tea, but I just need to really load up on veggies.
Again not much change, more of a tweaking really.
This weeks favourite curry - West Sumatran Kangaroo curry with coconut milk and cashew nuts (bet you didn't know they had kangaroos in Sumatra!) - damn I cook a good curry!

so heres me at week 3:

I am becoming seriously tiny! Theres a tiny bit of definition beginning to appear in my upper arms which is one area I really want to change, the other major area I wanted to change was the spre tyre round the belly - well as you can see, thats gone completely! (so has my bum....hmmm..need to work on getting that back!)

so there is progress. I am really going to keep my diet as clean as possible for the next few weeks - the last week has seen too many big nights on the beer, my body just can't handle it anymore and I then have a terrible nights sleep and wake up feeling totally drained and lacking in energy the next day.
I'm going into serious hibernation for the next 5 weeks - until I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, no more big nights out - quality over quantity from now on! 

N.B Sun 8th Aug
not going so well on the clean thing - this weekend up in Sydney - disaster! another all dayer watching the rugby, hung over this morning and had crap food at the airport.
At least I had a good curry tonight! my favourite - Saffron chicken - damn I cook a good curry! :-)

best behaviour from now on...