Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Assessment 9 - Tue 15th Feb 2011

Good result - have lost 1.1% BF so back down to 14.5% and best of all its come off my stomach, very happy with that and also very handy as I'm going to be pouring myself into a very tight (even for me!) frock tomorrow for the Weary Dunlop lunch - breathing may be optional tomorrow!
I haven't lost any weight on the scales so it looks like I'm building up lean muscle which is pretty cool, I'm getting my definition back and not really surprising after the 'smashing' Aiden gave me last week!
Smashing is a technical term, Aiden my new personal trainer likes using it to describe just how hard he's going to make me work and boy did he! Oh my god, we did legs last week and 2 days later I couldn't walk...wonder if 3 sets of squatting with 40kg on the bar would have anything to do with it? hmm...


So far I've only had 2 sessions with Aiden, and I'm really enjoying it - its good to be pushed. Thats the trouble I find when I don't have particular goal to work towards, its so easy to slip into 'lazy' training doing the sane routine day in day out - well Aiden is the man to shake things up a bit.

Ok so 4 weeks before my next assessment, would be really cool if I can lose another 1% BF. I'm really focusing on getting some results on my legs as this is the one area that hasn't been responding very well to the diet, so will keep it really clean for the next few weeks.

till then