Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Assessment 7 - Tue 14th Dec 2010

So whats news since last time?

well the Weary lunch was excellent and despite Melbournes weather doing its best to ruin things, I have to say I that I did look really good - the snow white form fitting Karen Millen was awesome - and very attention grabbing :-) Even got compliments from some of the rugby players themselves saying how fit I looked and what was my routine!
How cool is that - being asked by elite sports people what I was doing to be so fit...can't wait for the next lunch in Feb...

Amer, the guy who is fixing my shoulders even suggested I should try entering a body sculpting competition...interesting, not sure about that though - I'd have to be even more strict about my diet and exercise to lose another 5% body fat and its fairly dull as it is! Besides not only would I disappear, I don't like the body builder look - and fake tan orange is just sooo not my colour.. :-)

I also haven't been going so well on the exercise bit recently, having only managed 2 weight sessions and 1 cardio session a week for the last 3 weeks - not really sure why, a couple of times I've been out on a night and not felt like training the next day, 1 day my gym didn't even open (!) but I'm waking up really tired.
Sleep isn't the problem anymore - in fact, I can't get enough of it! but the last week or so I've been really lethargic and not recovering after a training session, which is a bit odd. I never normally have that issue - even when doing the ridiculous amount of training for Kilimanjaro I wasn't getting as tired as I am now.

It could be a combination of things, but Kat says its probably my body is still on adrenaline overload from pre climb - think it would be a really good idea to do absolutely nothing over Christmas...except eat of course! :-)

just as well I'm taking myself off for a relaxing mini break on christmas eve to 27th, then watching the ahses on 27th dec then will have 2 days enforced inactivity while flying home to England for New Year. That should give my weary body a nice little break. So just one more week of training to go - I can do that!

so whats my assessment telling me since last time 4 weeks ago - am doing extremely well! Body fat down to 13.6%!!! crikey thats 1.4% in 4 weeks and am weighing in at 54kg nearly another kg. Really good results - and to me thats surprising given how little I've been training. 
My back is so lean now I'm getting really good definition, and my tummy has virtually no fat on it at all - unfortunately I don't have the 6 pack abs showing cos I've got a lot of loose skin, but we're working on that - come on Gotu Kola.
My legs are still not losing fat in the same proportion as the rest of me, which is odd - I'm eating spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts or cauliflower or all 4 every day and lots of the stuff too - apparently this shows I still have an oestrogen imbalance, so we're really going to work on that after Christmas. Good - lets have nice thin hammies and calves in 2011! :-)

The food bit is all good news - my brother is soo going to hate me when I tell him that not only do I get to eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, but I can now cook using BUTTER!!! 
yep thats right - got to eat fat to lose fat... so can also eat more avocados (about 4/5 a week - yum!!)  and can start adding in CARBS...
good carbs of course - brown or wild rice, sweet potato, pumpkin, quinoa or gluten free pancakes - PANCAKES!! haven't had pancakes for MONTHS - and my pancakes are always gluten free cos I'm coeliac, so no worries there
oh did I mention the FULL FAT CREAM?? mmmm...strawberries and cream....

right I'm off to fry up some turkey breast in butter, lemon juice, garlic and thyme with spinach, peas, cauliflower and sweet potato, followed by blueberries and strawberries with cream and cinnamon - yum!

Happy Christmas!