Friday, September 3, 2010

Assessment 4

Wed 25th Aug

Its been 3 weeks since my last assessment  - seems like even longer! Its been a very busy few weeks work wise, training wise and social wise!
Writing my food diary has been like pointing an accusing finger at myself - it seems like every other night I've been out drinking and even though in most cases I've limited myself to 1 or 2 glasses of wine, and my eating has been exceptionally good in applying all the rules, it really feels like I've totally undone all my good work. 
The trouble is, being so tiny now, even 1 glass of wine a night is enough to completely upset my sleep, so I'm usually tired when I get up and as a result probably haven't been training as effectively as I should be, so of course I've been stressing about that a bit.
Work is also pretty busy right now in the lead up to Spring racing carnival, and I feel that my training time is starting to impinge upon work time so I'm not getting stuff done as well as I usually do - and I'm a bit stressed about that!
hmm...I've got a nice little -ve feedback loop going on with myself at the moment.
In 2 weeks it will change - when I head off to climb Mt Kilimanjaro - once I've done that I will have way more down time - and I'm going to be using it..all of it...I probably won't even venture to the gym for about 3 weeks afterwards! :-)

Ok so whats the result of all this craziness? well I have lost more weight - down to 57kg on the scales at fitness 1st and amazingly enough I've lost nearly 1% more body fat! I'm down to 14.8 % - wow! 
Even though when I started the modulation I was already at a low BF of 17.5%, in the last 7 weeks I've managed to lose nearly another 3%. This is really cool.
 As can be expected there are some areas not doing so well in light of the last few weeks - I have put a bit of weight of my stomach (due to stress!) and I'm not losing fat on my calves (due to sleep issues) and hammies (oestrogen) - so no surprises about that at all really.
So here's me now:
 Again I think, once I get back from my holiday, I'll be able to totally scale back the training to a maintenance level which will be much more relaxing and I think the sleep will fix itself as I won't be worrying about whether if I've done enough training to get up the mountain!

I'll switch to bikram yoga instead of dragging half a beach up and down an office building!

Other changes I've noticed - I am getting much better definition in my arms (yay!) and my shoulders are so lean that after training I notice theres a little wriggly vein visible on my left shoulder (I think thats quite cool) 
I bought a pair of pants for work just 3 weeks ago - size 6 (!!! I've NEVER been size 6!!) and they fitted 'snugly' shall we say.... and now? not quite falling off me, but definitely too big - I'm even contemplating getting them re-tailored to fit!
Even better, is that with the butt exercises that Nicola (at Teamfit gym) has shown me, my bum is not so flat and is beginning to round out a wee bit - watch out Kylie!
Bring on summer....I'm going to be looking amazing!

so whats new on the diet front? This is where it gets even better - I can eat bananas again!!! yay - I love bananas, and have really missed not eating them, and I can have a glass of red wine every day - have probably been averaging that the last few weeks anyway - (oops!) but now its official :-)
The things, now I'm officially supposed to be drinking red wine, I'm not really sure I want to anymore - because it upsets my sleep so much! I'll have to find a happy medium.
otherwise, not much change - keep up the protein intake, keep up the cruciferous veggies

I won't be having another assessment for about 7 weeks - Kat is on holiday, so it will give me time to get settled into a post mountain routine, where hopefully sleep is a much more prominent feature! :-)

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