Thursday, October 28, 2010

Assessment 5 - Tue 26th Oct

Not such a good result this time, although my weight is down to 55.6kg a loss of about 1kg, my BF % has gone up by 0.5% so that puts me at 15.3% BF. 
I guess its not too surprising really as I've been off the diet for 4 weeks whilst climbing Kili and then being sick and I've only been back in the gym for 2 weeks. I also haven't managed to get into a good sleeping routine like I thought I would - been stressing about getting a new job! 
So now I've got a new job its time to focus properly on sticking to the correct diet and getting into a maintenance training routine - having got this lean I want to stay lean.
I've got to cut out fruit, I've been eating too much, generally about 4 pieces a day and I need to go heavy on the dark green veggies mind you I'm not really sure how I can increase how much I eat, I'm pretty good with the greens and have a big green salad for lunch most days as well as a combination of broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts for tea. Trying to think what I could have to snack on thats green. 
The maintenance training routine is going to focus on doing weights and I need to do 3 days on 2 days off. Each session needs to be about 1 hour - 45 - 50 mins of weights split into legs 1 day, back, biceps,abs 1 day and chest, shoulders, triceps 1 day  + 4 mins tabatas on the rower (that means go very very hard for 20s, rest for 10s) - I tried it and 4 mins is plenty long enough!

I've got 3 weeks before my next assessment, so I'm aiming to be back to where I was pre - climb

Haven't got any photos from my assessment so I thought I'd just throw this one in cos I reckon I look pretty good! Lets go Racing!

and this one - cos I climbed a big mountain!

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