Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Assessment 10 - Tue 22nd March 2011

Woohoo!!! Finally back to where I was before Christmas!! I can't believe its taken nearly 3 MONTHS to shift that bizarre fat gain from going home to England for 10 days.
3 MONTHS of busting my butt in the gym...or having it being busted for me (thanks Aiden!) and being (mostly) very strict with my diet

so I'm now sitting at a very tidy 54.2kg and 13.5% body fat - I lost the 1% I said I wanted to lose 4 weeks ago. 
I'm getting some really great definition through my back and abs (ABS!!! ) but I definitely don't look scrawny or brawny which is really cool and best of all its finally shifting from my hammies - 28mm down to 22mm - bring on Adelaide - my legs are going to look fantastic in the white stockings that go with my bavarian beer wench outfit for the rugby 7's trip :-)

next stop - cover girl for oxygen magazine!

well, why the hell not? I need a big goal to keep me motivated and my next mountain climb is at least 2 years away....

I'm going to have a beer

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