Saturday, July 24, 2010

Assessment 1

Tue 6th July

I met Kat at 5:00 at fitness first and the 1st thing we did was to weigh me - 61kg (3kg heavier than the scales at my gym - odd!), then we went to Kats office to start the measurements on the 12 'fat' sites.

Overall Kat calculated I had a body fat % of 17.5 which is pretty good, and apparently a lot better than virtually all of her clients starting %.

here's me at assessment 1 (abs! I have abs! how cool is that!):

My problem areas are my quads and hammies - which mean an oestrogen imbalance, and my calves - a sleep issue (no surprises there really have always had sleep issues!)

After examining my food diary that I had kept prior to this meeting, Kat explained the changes I needed to make in my diet - increase intake of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sprouts (yuk!) and Kale. I need to eat animal protein for breaktfast, I can have good quality yoghurt mid morning with berries, but not the banana and honey I was having, my lunches were generally good - but no more tuna - EVER! its chock full of mercury, salmon is good and there are other fish - must look them up 

I could have nuts and seeds but not mixed so its all almonds or all walnuts for a day or two then change

Cooking needs to be done with organic coconut oil and coconut milk is ok for making sauces.

I also had to stop drinking out of plastic bottles or heating food in plastic containers because they contain xeno-oestrogens (bad oestrogen - gives men 'moobs').

Every morning I also had to drink a glass of salted water to stimulate the digesive system.

ok thats quite a lot of information to take in, I think I was quite brain fried by the end of the session!

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