Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flying makes you fat....

well who knew?

Ok whatever leads me to this bizarre statement? 

Christmas? No instead of catching up with family I went on my own little holiday for 3 days up to Hamilton Island - that also meant I could totally stick to my eating plan - sure I had a few beers with a few people but nothing like I would have done had I been with family - so by the time I flew out to England on 27th I was still looking fab in my slinky white figure hugging Karen Millen lace tunic dress.

So in England, I stuck as much as possible to the eating plan - a couple of days I had organic natural yoghurt with blueberries and boiled eggs for brekky instead of chicken, and I think I ate potatoes twice and rice twice - my mother always like to stock up on gluten free stuff for me - cakes, biscuits, bread, cheese crackers that sort of thing, but I'd told her not to get anything so there was no issues there.
New Year was a big night but then isn't it always? My parents thought I was a bit odd eating chicken for brekky and not eating potatoes but they're fairly traditional like that :-)
I got a temporary gym membership to the local gym and did a couple of 5 km runs - so I didn't entirely stop exercising, even though I decided I'd give my body a rest.
So on the whole not much changed over Christmas and New Year except my location....

So why did I feel completely bloated? By the time I got back to Australia, the slinky Karen Millen had a definate pot belly and my beautiful size 6 jeans that I'd needed a belt on before I went to England were now exhibiting evidence of a muffin top!!!

Imagine my horror when I had my Bio Sig assessment on Jan 17 to find I'd piled on 3kg and 2% body fat!! And that was after 2 weeks being really strict with my eating, back in the gym and not having the horrible bloated feeling anymore

How is it possible that just 10 days in England has obliterated 5 months of blood, sweat and tears - and I do mean blood, sweat and tears - I'm completely devastated, not to mention very demoralized by the whole thing - and whats worse is that even another 2 weeks later after going to the gym every day and sticking entirely to my eating plan I still haven't lost the fat - unbelievable! after all the effort I've gone to its incredibly demotivating, I'm almost at the point of wondering why I bothered. 
It also doesn't help that my shoulders are so messed up that I can't train my upper body properly.

in a pretty bad space right now.

so what was it?
The Flying! I think most people notice that when they fly their feet and ankles swell up - me too, and my calves and I have been noticing for the last few years that my abdomen also swells - quite uncomfortable really.  So after flying up and back to Hamilton Island (6 hours) followed by 48 hours of flying for just 6 days on the ground messes up the body a treat so it goes into survival mode and stores as much fat as it can...


so what am I going to do about it? 

well I've always been very good at motivating myself and having always exercised my whole life I know a fair bit about getting and staying fit, and when I have something to aim for like climbing a mountain I get so focussed that I push myself to do whatever it takes - training 2,3 even 5 hours a day, but right now I have no major goal and I'm feeling a bit lost as to how to get back to where I was just 5 weeks ago, how to get back the beautiful definition and shape I had...
so for the 1st time in my life I've hired myself a personal trainer.
I met Aiden on Friday, he works at Fitness 1st in Richmond and comes highly recommended by a friend of mine who owns her own sports company.
We sat down and chatted about what I've been doing up till now, where I want to get to, long term goals etc, and then he checked out my technique (very good), my posture (excellent) - then he got me to a selection of upper body exercises so he could get a gauge on the extent of the shoulder issue, he asked lots of questions, made suggestions and just observed - he came across as very calm, competent and knowledgeable - I'm really looking forward to working with him, this could be very good...

So, Aiden is going to put together a program for me do to every day and I'll catch up with him for a 1 on 1, once a week starting next Tuesday - can't wait! 
who knows I might just be entering comps soon...

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