Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

When I started this whole journey with Biosignature, I had no idea what to expect, I guess it all sounded too good to be true - after all you can't spot reduce fat according to conventional medical wisdom, so if you've got a spare tyre that wont budge no matter how much weight you lose or saddle bags or those wobbly bat wings that us non teenagers are prone to...well sorry love just deal with it!

Well let me tell you it can be done and I'm walking proof - from 40, fat and frumpy to absolutely fabulous AND I HAVE ABS!! for the 1st time in my life...EVER!
I've been skinnier (according to the bathroom scales) than I am now - but I didn't have abs back then, I still had that annoying spare tyre.
I have biosignature to thank for getting rid of the spare tyre and the bat wings and the saddle bags - brilliant!

I'll be honest, its been hard work and at times the eating restrictions have been frustrating and there's lots of supplements, but that is exactly what it is that causes it to work, it is a systematic process targeting one issue at a time.
You'll probably have to really change your whole relationship and beliefs about food, and it'll feel very strange to start with, and yes exercise is also a very important element, but once you've got to grips with the clean eating lifestyle you'll never want to go back.

Trust me on this - you'll feel so much healthier, you'll just feel leaner and lighter and have a ton more energy than you ever imagined was possible, you'll look younger brighter and just a whole lot more alive.

so whats that got to do with diamonds?

Over on page 1 in my intro, I compared myself to a diamond that had been shaped and was just awaiting its final polish to bring out its true brilliance. As you know I have a photo shoot in 4 weeks time so I've been busting my (now) cute little bubble butt in the gym 6 days a week. However, last week I was in a total stress that I wasn't going to lean down in time to have enough definition to come through in the photos - I was even pushing my trainer to push me harder!
But yesterday that all changed. Now, I'm ready.
How do I know?
well I was just ex-foliating for my trial run fake tan (!I know, what a princess!) and I just happened to glance in the mirror...
and all of a sudden, there it was - right in the middle of my back...

a perfect diamond of muscle.

I've done it.

Baggy to Buff
Fat to Fabulous

see, its never too late - you just have to get started.

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